Immigration Physical

Immigration Physical -- Your Green Card Medical Examination

Due to limited apointment availablility, we are currently only able to assist our established patients, or family members of our established patients.

Common Questions & Answers -- A Quickview for Your Immigration Visit

Cost: For immigration physicals we are not able to bill to insurance, so our cost is out of pocket. We charge $300 per person, that does not include the required lab work or any vaccines. For the Lab fees the lab can bill to your insurance, however if you do not have or know your insurance will not cover the lab fee you can prepay at our office. We have a set price of $150 for the three required tests. Vaccines will be an additional cost. We currently have limited vaccines and the one we have are only available to patients without insurance. For patients who have insurance or need vaccines we do not currently have we recommend going to a pharmacy. If you have insurance check that the pharmacy takes your insurance and they can bill the cost of the vaccines to your insurance. If you do not have insurance, it is difficult to provide an estimate for the cost of vaccines because it depends of which vaccines you need and where you get them.

What to expect: To complete the immigration physical there will be two appointments a week apart, with the second appointment at most within 90 days after the first appointment. At the first appointment the Doctor will go over the requirements with you, review your vaccination records to let you know which vaccines you need to complete for form, complete physical evaluation, and order the lab tests and give you instructions on how to complete them. At the second appointment, once we have received the lab results and you have had time to complete anything the Doctor has discussed with you, you will review the forms for accuracy and sign them with the Doctor. Before you leave the office at the second appointment you will get a sealed envelope to submit to the USCIS and a copy to keep for your records.

When you come in for the appointment, we will need to take a copy of your ID. Passport, drivers license, or any other government issued photo ID will work. Please also, bring any vaccination records you have so the Doctor can review them, if you do not have any do not worry.

You do not need to fast before the appointment.

Availability: In our Federal Way office we have appointment available Mondays and Wednesdays. In our Bellevue office we have appointments available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have further questions or to schedule and appointment please call 425-298-6679

Other: If you would like an additional copy (not in a sealed envelope) we charge $25/copy; If you need an additional sealed envelope at the visit of your i693 follow up signature, we charge $50/envelope.

I693 form and Instruction Below you will find USCIS immigration instruction and the I-693 form that we use in our clinic.

CDC Immunization Schedule

Babies and Young Children

(0-6 years)

Adolescents, Preteens, and Teens

(7-18 years)


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